First Grade

Week of March 30th- April 3rd


Our online schedule is as followed:

Monday- Phonics, Reading, Spelling

Tuesday- Math, IXL

Wednesday- Phonics, Reading, Spelling

Thursday- Math, IXL

Friday- Bible and Art/Computer/Music/P.E.

FACEBOOK LIVE- each day at 9:30 am. Click here to join group.

Please look below at each subject area to read all the details of assignments and items you will need to have ready for this week.

HOURS TO TALK/CHAT/VIDEO if you need us is 10:00-11:00 a.m.

GRADES/ASSIGNMENTS: We will continue assessing your child's progress as best as we can. If an assignment is assigned, you have until next class day at noon to complete and turn in. We will ask you to please send in photos of certain assignments. Please make sure your child's name is on the paper, and that they are completing their assignment on their own. Please see below how to send:

  • Mrs. Henderson- SeeSaw Class app (kids use this in class and are familiar with it)
    • download the SeeSaw CLASS App
    • click "I'm a student"
    • enter the text code sent via email
    • to add assignments, pics, videos you will click the green plus at the top right corner

  • Mrs. Van Pelt- please text photo to 832-768-6957

Language Arts

Log in for live video.

Materials needed:

  • Monday- phonics pg 128, 131
  • Wednesday- phonics pages 133, 136



  • Monday- changing "y" to "i" , and introducing sounds ARE and TAIN
  • phonics pg. 128 and 131
  • Wednesday- contractions, introducing URE and PURE
  • phonics pg. 133 and 136

PHONICS VIDEOS- click chart number below to watch

chart 6

chart 7

chart 8

chart 9

chart 10

chart 11

chart 12

chart 13


  • Monday-
    • click on website
    • look up teacher (rcsfirstgrade) is our name
    • click on your child's name
    • password is the rabbit icon
  • Wednesday-

Have your child read the story they choose and answer the comprehension questions.

*** If we sent home a daily reader from school or chapter book with your child, they can read 15-20 minutes a day in those, also.

Free Resources

Other reading resources to use. Click on resources and it will take you to a flyer with codes for free access.

IXL-log in and click on Language Arts Tab (log in directions listed below under Math content area)

Funshine Express has free printable resources

Adventure Academy

Spelling Words- Unit 24

Log in for live video.

Materials needed:

  • Monday- spelling workbook, blank paper
  • Wednesday- spelling workbook


  • Monday- Unit 24, put the words in ABC order
  • Wednesday- Workbook pages 48-49
  • (username and PW emailed to you)

1) catch

2) hatch

3) patch

4) me

5) we

6) she

7) shout

8) trout

9) sprout

Memory Word

  • been

Free resources:

  • (enter code VSCFree90)

Math- Geometry

Log in for live video.

Materials needed:

  • Tuesday- n/a
  • Thursday- n/a


  • Tuesday- IXL W.4 work to 85% (both classes)
  • Mrs. Henderson's class: See Saw Activity

  • Thursday- IXL W.5 work until 85% (both classes)

IXL username: first name, last initial @rcseagles (ex: melissah@rcseagles)

IXL password: first initial, last initial (ex: mh)

Homework: Please keep working on your math facts for your timed test. Making flashcards would be a great way to practice the facts you are on.

Bible- Loving Your Neighbor

Log in for live video.

Materials needed:

  • Friday- bible workbook


  • Friday-
  • listen to the story via live video
  • complete bible pages 127-128

Click here to watch Coach Barber's Bible videos!!

Extra Homework (should you choose): Practice Psalm 103

Mrs. Broad

Art Lesson

Please click here for First Grade Art eLearning day!

Please fill out questions within google forms and turn in a picture of student's artwork to

Mrs Friedel

*click on computer lesson at top

Ms Briner


This week, we will be reviewing our rhythms and learning a new song “Lucy Locket”. First, click on the youtube video to practice your rhythms. Follow along and clap. Rhythm practice

Next, watch this video and sing along with me to the song “Lucy Locket”. Lucy Locket song

Lastly, on Seesaw, complete the “Lucy Locket” activity. Here is the attachment to access the class. First grade music class Seesaw link. Have fun! All due April 9th.

Coach Marlar

Follow along with the workout on the video. Have a family member join along with you and have some fun!

*click on PE VIDEO at top


March 27

Social Studies

We have met our TEKS for the year.


We have met our TEKS for the year.


Mrs. Henderson:

games (Battleship, Guess Who, Candy Land, any First Grade appropriate games)

Mrs. Van Pelt:

Dollar store gifts for treasure box, candy, shaving cream, wipes

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