December 4th- 9th

Mrs. Rena

Welcome to First Grade! We are going to have a fantastic year learning and having fun together! Below you will find various links to important information to help you navigate 1st Grade! We look forward to making memories with your child and watching them grow not just academically, but also in their relationship with Christ! Please let us know if you have any questions. We are always here to help!

Mrs. Williams

Helpful Information:

Upcoming events:


12/9- Staff Christmas Luncheon

12/14- 4H Clover Kids

12/15- Speech Meet Selection Deadline (Required event)

12/16- Early Dismissal/ Christmas Parties

12/19-1/3- Christmas Break

Language Arts

Reading Reading Groups- we will continue reading groups this week.

Writing- 6 + 1 Trait- Ideas

Grammar- Using nouns, verbs, and adjectives in sentences.

Phonics sounds focus : "ang in bang", "ing in king", "ong in long", "ung in strung", "ank in bank", "ink in think"


chart 6

chart 7

chart 8

chart 9

chart 10

chart 11

chart 12

*chart 13

Spelling Words-

We'll have a practice test every Wednesday, and the final test on Friday unless otherwise noted.

Those students who spell all words correctly on Wednesday's practice test will not need to take the test on Friday. Students not taking the test may choose to read/look at a book quietly or participate in the test.

  1. sight

  2. might

  3. right

  4. light

  5. bright

  6. delight

  7. bite

  8. kite

  9. white

10. quite

11. invite

12. polite

13. write

Sight Words-

14. give

15. are

Math Topic 5- Add and subtract within 20

Lessons this week:

-Making 10 to add

-Addition Strategies

-Making 10 to subrtact


Topic: Abraham

Bible verse: "For this is what love for God is: to keep His commands. Now His commands are not a burden."

-1 John 5:3



We will alternate between science and social studies every few weeks.

This week is a SS week

Social Studies

We will alternate between science and social studies every few weeks.

This week we will learn about the settling of Jamestown.


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